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What we did


Ironman is 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run (marathon) all combined

Dan's PB is 8hr 22min 44sec

We assessed pre-race intake

During the race intake

Carbohydrate loading strategies 

Commonwealth Games

Dan has now been a Commonwealth Games competitor in 3 disciplines

2006 Swimming

2014 Triathlon

2018 Cycling

We helped Dan with his training diet since 2014

Carbohydrate loading strategies

During race intake

Super League Triathlon

Dan was awarded the wild card for the Jersey 2017 race

He competed against the best 25 triathletes in the world, including Jonny Brownlee

We helped him with the unique challenge of multiple lap triathlon nutrition

And recovery between the weekends events: the Mixer and the Eliminator