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What does the initial session include?

This initial consultation is 50 minutes and involves us getting to know you, your habits, and goals in detail. We want to make sure we are giving tailored advice so we ask questions about current routines, preferred food choices, cooking abilities and access, routines, medical history and more. We will suggest measurements are taken in this session and the optional InBody770 scan can be completed too. 

Please do not come to this session expecting a meal plan. We aim to plan your meals over multiple sessions through lifestyle and habit changes.


How do follow ups work?

The follow up sessions are important to analyse, inform, and set new goals. A lot of our work is based on habit and lifestyle change so engaging with us in depth helps us achieve this. It's also an opportunity to take measurements, answer any questions in detail, and make sure you are happy with all the suggestions. We typically see you every 2-4 weeks but this is flexible to your needs.


Can sessions be completed online?

Yes. We ideally would like to see you in person for your initial consultation particularly if we want to take measurements, but follow ups appointments can be completed as a phone or video call.


How long are the sessions?

The initial consultation is 50 minutes. Follow up sessions are up to 30 minutes.


Can I do a one-off InBody770 scan?

Yes. Please get in touch to book a one-off session with analysis with one of us. This takes 30 minutes. The InBody770 is a clinical grade machine that provides accurate body composition data.


Can I ask questions in-between sessions?

Yes and we encourage you to do so. The app has a direct message feature to us to make sure no question goes unanswered. This is also a good way to keep you engaged and motivated.


How does your app work?

We have our own custom made app to help you track your food and keep in touch with us. The app is photo based and allows you to visually record all your meals and snacks. The app also has a library of preferred food choices, and crucially a direct messenger to Paul or Kit to answer any of your questions anytime in-between sessions.

The app is not only a tool to capture your food diary and habits, but also a tool to help create mindful eating, smarter choices, and engagement into the process.


Do you have discounted rates?

Yes. We offer a discounted rate on follow up sessions when purchased in a block of 6.


Can my GP fast track my appointment?

Yes. We appreciate some cases need priority. If there are medical needs please ask your GP to get in touch or you can contact us with the details.


Do you do exercise plans?

No we don't. We are specialists in nutrition so we focus on that. We have a great network of Strength and Conditioning coaches and Personal Trainers who we can refer you to. We can interpret and assess exercise in relation to your nutrition to make sure we are fuelling you properly as we know these can accelerate results.


Will I get a meal plan?

We do not hand out cookie-cutter meal plans. These are outdated and don't work for the long term habit changes we aim to instil. We will plan your meals in the sessions by giving you preferred food choices and combinations, and give you recipe ideas to try. This means choices will be learned and will stand the test of time.

In some scenarios a specific meal plan is needed however; weight making before a fight, or carbohydrate loading before a race. For these cases we do create meal plans.


Do you do allergy testing?

We do not do allergy testing. The only reliable way for this to be done is through your GP. If you need to ask us any questions on this process please get in touch. 'Off the shelf' tests that use a finger prick, hair, or saliva sample are not reliable and shouldn't be used as diagnosis.