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What we do

The Challenge

50 miles Lakes in a Day event with 4000m ascent, 12 hour event

North Coast Half Marathon 1800m ascent

2 x Sub 3 hour marathons


Credit: Francis Raffay



The Solution

Strategic training fuelling to optimise adaptations

Carbohydrate cycling in training

Race nutrition practice and optimisation

Varied race day foods and fluid options


Credit: Francis Raffay

The Results

Completed Lakes in a Day through the relentless storm Callum!

Won the North Coast Trail Half Marathon in 1hr 45min

2x Sub 3 hour marathons including Jersey Marathon winner 2021

Maintained body composition throughout events and training

No fuelling or digestion issues with any foods 


Credit: Robert Bean

Quote Marks

Kit has helped me improve my running immensely through fine tuning my diet and creating plans that ease my mind on the run up to and during races. I have learnt so much in my time with Kit so far and look forward to many years and adventures working together in the future! Highly recommend!

Evan Laframboise