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What we did

The Challenge

3000 nautical mile rowing race

2 hours on, 2 hours off rowing

24 hours a day

Approximately 10,000kcal energy use per day

The Solution

12 months of nutrition support through training

Monthly Inbody770 body composition scans for accountability

Extensive planning of the daily 5,500kcal food pack

Prevent illness and enhance performance

The Results

54 days, 16 hours, 45 minutes 

Body weight gained was lost during the race, as planned

Daily race pack consumed well with no gastrointestinal issues

Quote Marks

I’ve worked with Kit for a number of years for various events, I was delighted when he offered to come on board for the row. I knew he’d worked with two ocean rowing teams in the past so had the expertise that we needed and put together a seamless plan to increase weight healthily, increase strength and reduce our chances of injury both in the lead up to the row and during our crossing.

Steve Hayes